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I've been using Zenfolio for my website and gallery for a few months. I love the clean and contemporary design and i's super easy to use and customize. This is probably the first time in my life I feel painless when I want to update my website's content. I am demanding when it comes to website design but Zenfolio has all the function I need and many more! 

Website front page

A business service is about solving people's problem. Zenfolio has certainly done that for me. It's always been a problem for me to deliver digital files to my clients, there were various issues on my clients' end as everyone using different platform and method to download their digital images and Zenfolio has offer the digital downloading function. Many of my clients do not wish their photos to be seen so the password protected gallery is the way to go. 

I do highly recommend Zenfolio as it saves tons of my time and energy. They offer tons of educational tutorial if you would like to dig deeper about how to set up your website, almost everything can be done! They have very good customer support. I've been reading and watching the tutorials online, never have any issue to find out the information I need. What amazed me was they have LIVE tutorial on Youtube, you can check it out and go on the Live chat if you have any question. I think it's super cool!

They gave me a code that I can share with my friends and family if they want to get a 10% off deal for the suscribtion. Here is the code, at least you have the 10% off!

Promotion code:TEJ-ZES-2CP

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