Portrait tells Story

April 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This black and white fashion portrait tells a story about what I do - it is very typical my style of image. I create this kind of fashion, sensual, black and white portrait for clients all the time but I didn't think of creating this kind of look for myself. Because in every day life, I don't dress like that and I use less makeup. It certainly more of a brush up version of myself, and it's still me, a different side of me. I love it.
I was inspired to do this self-portrait by one of my ultimate favourite photographer Lindsay Adler. 
A couple of month earlier, I saw  Lindsay posted a charity event poster on her social media, she was one of the 15 photo educators. I looked at the photos and I thought, most of the photographers don't dress up for photo and some looked like phone photos. I mean, their portrait says very little of what they do, there was no particular style. The photographers' photos for the event which suppose to attract other photographers to join the event. Some looked like builder, biker and one is a selfie. I don't feel attracted to hear what they are going to teach. But Lindsay was different, she used a photo which tells a story about she does and that is fashion and portrait photography. She looks absolutely stunning in that photograph which was taken by Vicky Papas Vergara, who is another my favourite photographer. It dawned on me that how important it is to use photographs to tell stories. Every photo we present to the viewers matters, even if it's a passport photo. We must do our best to tell the story by a photograph and deliver it properly. There are millions of ways to read a photograph by different people with different life experiences but there are ways to tell a story to make it easier for people to understand and we photographer must learn how to craft that skill.
That idea inspired me greatly to do my own portrait which tells what I do. And here is the result. :)

Here is the colour version:


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